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Amar has been acting for over 16 years, from the age of 14. His first movie role was in the Bollywood hit Kabhie Khushi, Khabie Gham.


However, being a young British-Asian, Amar soon became dissatisfied with the limited number of roles available to him and so set about producing his own movies.


To date, Amar has now produced six movies, four of which got world wide releases in 2017, Four Hours, Gangsters Gamblers Geezers, Requiem, Dangerous Game.

Dead Ringer came out in 2018 and now The Seven is due out in 2019.


Amar lives by the guiding principle that nothing is impossible. Having a low budget doesn't mean a film can’t be made. On the contrary, it should be made and it should far exceed anybody’s expectations.


In 2017 Amar won the Essex TV talent of the year award and became number 64 in the county's 100 most influential people.